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<title>Missing GWT Browser Plugin</title>
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<h1>No GWT Browser Plugin Detected</h1>
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GWT Development Mode needs a browser plugin to operate. Please install the
appropriate one for your browser.
<li><b><font size="+1">Chrome</font></b>
<br><font color="red"><b>Note: this is relatively untested, but appears to
If you are running the DevChannel version of Google Chrome on Windows x86
(<a href="">instructions</a> for
switching to DevChannel), you can install the
<a href="">GWT Chrome extension</a>.
Note that performance is slower than the other
browsers right now because the plugin runs in an isolated process, though
we may be able to improve performance before the final release. Also, you
may get a "plugin unresponsive" warning which is annoying but harmless.
<li><b><font size="+1">Firefox</font></b>
<br>Install the appropriate Firefox plugin via the normal plugin install
<li><a href="">Version 1.5-2.0</a> (Mac PPC/x86, Linux x86/x86_64)
3.0</a> (Win x86, Mac PPC/x86, Linux x86/x86_64)
<br><i>note that some Linux
distributions need a plugin built with alternate libraries which will be
available soon</i>
<li><a href="">Version 3.0 alternate libraries</a> (try this if the one above doesn't work on Linux, known to be needed on Fedora Core 10))
<li><a href="">Version 3.5</a> (Win x86, Mac PPC/x86, Linux x86/x86_64)
<li><b><font size="+1">Safari 3/4 (Mac PPC/x86)</font></b>
<li>Run the installer from this <a href="">disk image</a>.
<br><font color="red">Note that x86_64 is not yet supported, which means
Safari on Snow Leopard is not yet supported.</font>
<li><b><font size="+1">Internet Explorer on Windows (32-bit IE)</font></b>
<li>Download and run the "<a href="">GWT Dev Mode Plugin for IE</a>" installer.
If you believe you have the plugin installed in your current browser (and
profile, in the case of Firefox), see the <a href="">TroubleshootingOOPHM</a> wiki page.