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GWT devmode plugin for IE
To build the plugin, you will need a windows system with Visual Studio 2008 or newer (WSDK 7.0+)
To build:
1) make sure devenv.exe is in the path
2) make sure the binaries under $(projectroot)\third_party\java_src\gwt\svn\trunk\plugins\ie\prebuilt are writable.
3) open a cmd.exe window, go to $(projectroot)\third_party\java_src\gwt\svn\trunk\plugins\ie
4) run build.cmd
To create msi installer:
1) go to folder $(projectroot)\third_party\java_src\gwt\svn\trunk\plugins\ie\installer
2) make sure the msi installers under $(projectroot)\third_party\java_src\gwt\svn\trunk\plugins\ie\prebuilt are writable.
3) run build.cmd