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You will need to checkout the SDKs required for building the plugin
separately. These are located at:
This assumes the SDKS are located in ../../../plugin-sdks -- if this is
not correct, edit the definition in Makefile or pass PLUGIN_SDKS=<path> on the
make command.
Build by:
make ARCH=x86 BROWSER=ff35
make ARCH=x86_64 BROWSER=ff3
etc -- default is current architecture and ff3.
BROWSER values supported:
ff3 Firefox 3.0
ff3+ Firefox 3.0.11+ on some platforms
ff35 Firefox 3.5
ff36 Firefox 3.6
ff40 Firefox 4.0 (and 3.7alpha)
You may need to try both ff3 and ff3+, as different platforms chose different
library layouts.
Targets of interest:
make linuxplatforms
make macplatforms