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GWT Site Uploader

This project is used to update the site that is hosted in GAE infrastructure


  • You need a valid account in the domain, with the appropriate permissions to access the gwt-site GAE project.

  • Make sure that you have google-cloud-sdk installed and gcloud is in your PATH

Updating the site

  1. Checkout the project gwt-site from github, and run the following command so as the documentation is copied to your local maven repository.
 cd your_folder_path/gwt-site
 mvn clean install -Pgrunt
  1. Authenticate in the GAE infrastructure by running
 gcloud auth login

when the browser ask for authentication, select your account

  1. Compile the project so as resources are updated with latest doc, uploader is compiled, and tests are run.
 mvn clean package
  1. Upload the documentation to the web server in GAE
 mvn exec:java

If you wanted to upload to a different GAE instance, override the default one with the -Dappengine.instance=your-instance parameter