• gwt-site-webapp This project includes the server an client code of the GWT site It does not include the site content which is in the gwt-site project nor the utilities for uploading the documentation to GAE Servers which are in the gwt-site-uploader project.

  • Requirements Apache Maven 3.0 or greater, and JDK 6+ in order to run.

  • Before building the project you may need gwt-site packaged file. Go to the gwt-site folder and run: $ mvn install

  • To build and check the app, run $ mvn package

    Now you can point your browser to the target/www folder or you can deploy its content in any web-server.

  • Building will run the tests, but to explicitly run tests you can use the test target $ mvn test

  • Develop and Deploy in GAE This app is thought to be run in GAE servers, so it comes with all dependencies for it.

    To start the app, use the App Engine Maven Plugin that is already included in this project. Just run the command: $ mvn appengine:devserver

    You might upload the gwt stuff to the dev server, just open another terminal, go to the gwt-site-uploader folder project and run: $ sh upload.sh localhost

    For further information about GAE, consult the Java App Engine documentation. To see all the available goals for the App Engine plugin, run $ mvn help:describe -Dplugin=appengine