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  • gwt-site-webapp. This project includes the server an client code of the GWT site It does not include the site content which is in the gwt-site project nor the utilities for uploading the documentation to GAE Servers which are in the gwt-site-uploader project.

  • Requirements Apache Maven 3.0 or greater, and JDK 7+ in order to run.

  • Before building the project you may need gwt-site packaged file. Go to the gwt-site folder and run:

      $ cd [...]/gwt-site
      $ mvn install
  • To build and check the app, run

      $ cd [...]/gwt-site-webapp
      $ mvn package

    Now you can point your browser to the target/www folder or you can serve its content with any web-server (i.e serve). Notice that the second way is needed if you want to test site navigation via Ajax.

  • Building will run the tests, but to explicitly run them you can use the test target

      $ mvn test
  • Develop and Deploy. This app is thought to be run in GAE servers, so it comes with all dependencies for it.

    • To start the app using the App Engine Maven Plugin included in this project, just run the command:

          $ mvn appengine:devserver
    • You might upload the gwt stuff to the local developer server, just open another terminal, go to the gwt-site-uploader folder project and run:

          $ cd [...]/gwt-site-uploader
          $ sh localhost
    • If you wanted to deploy to production, you might change the <application> section in the src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml to point to the appropriate GAE instance and then deploy to Google servers running:

          $ mvn appengine:update -DgaeAccount=your_google_account
    • For further information about GAE, consult the Java App Engine documentation.

      To see all the available goals for the App Engine plugin, run

          $ mvn help:describe -Dplugin=appengine