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 - gwttar files are incorrect. (Fixed in the next version)
+- GWT Designer doesn't work with 2.7 and is no longer supported.
+([Source code]( is available
+if someone wishes to revive this project.)
+- IFrameLinker and XSLinker are deprecated because they don't work in
+Super Dev Mode. However, we don't have suitable replacements for all
+use cases yet. For updates and possible workarounds, see
+[issue 8997](
 <h3>Compiler changes</h3>
 - In draft mode and Super Dev Mode, all compiler optimizations are turned off for
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 - Many bugfixes.
-- GWT Designer doesn't work and is no longer supported.
 <h3>Library Changes</h3>
 <h4>JDK emulation</h4>