Build a GWT app: Introduction

In this tutorial, you'll write this simple AJAX application, StockWatcher.

Go ahead and try StockWatcher out. Add a few stock codes and see how it works.

In the process of building StockWatcher, you'll learn how GWT provides the tools for you to:

  • Write browser applications in Java using the Java IDE of your choice
  • Debug Java in GWT development mode
  • Cross-compile your Java code into highly optimized JavaScript
  • Maintain one code base (Java) for multiple browser implementations (JavaScript)

AJAX application development process using GWT

This Build a Sample GWT Application tutorial is divided into 8 sections following a typical application development cycle. Each section builds on the previous sections. In this basic implementation of StockWatcher, all functionality is coded on the client-side. Server-side coding and client/server communications are covered in other tutorials.

  • Google Plugin for Eclipse

  • GWT command-line tool webAppCreator

  • Development Mode

  • GWT module

  • GWT themes

  • application style sheet

  • GWT methods: addStyleName, addStyleDependentName,setStyleName

  • automatic resource inclusion

What's Next

If you have not set up your development environment with the Java SDK, a Java IDE such as Eclipse, and the latest distribution of Google Web Toolkit, do that before you begin.

You're ready to create a GWT project.

Step 1: Creating a GWT Project