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+GWT Name Use Policy
+The purpose of this document is to define the brand and mark policies of the GWT Project, both how
+the project's branding is done and how other projects may or may not use it. In general, it is our
+goal to be as open and permissive as possible, recognizing that it is important to reserve some
+mark to set aside parts of GWT itself from external projects and libraries (gwt-core, gwt-dev,
+gwt-uibinder, gwt-rpc vs gwt-project, gwtp, ext gwt). That said, it is important to protect the
+reputation and branding of GWT and GWT Project by making it clear what is part of the official
+project and how GWT name should and should not be used. External projects that suggest that they are
+an official part of the GWT Project might knowingly or unknowingly harm the greater community by
+confusing the matter. The goal is not to prevent use of the term GWT, but to make sure that it is
+clear when it refers to the core set of tools and libraries, versus the surrounding community of
+libraries and frameworks.
+The policies defined in this document are meant to outline what is acceptable when using the name,
+logo, or other marks of the GWT Project. It is not meant to clearly define what is not acceptable,
+except to say that these things may not automatically be permissible. Any additional use not
+approved in this document may still be okay, subject to approval by the GWT Steering Committee's
+usual process.
+* [GWT]( - The product itself. GWT is a development toolkit for building
+and optimizing complex browser-based applications. Its goal is to enable productive development of
+high-performance web applications without the developer having to be an expert in browser quirks,
+XMLHttpRequest and JavaScript.
+* GWT Project - The greater process by which GWT is being developed - the documentation,
+the contributors, groups and discussions.
+* [GWT Steering Committee](steering.html) - a group of GWT contributors dedicated to the ongoing
+success of the GWT Project, working together by consensus to guide the future of the project.
+GWT Name use
+1.  Name is spelled **GWT** - all capital and it stands for **GWT Web Toolkit**. These are
+    collectively referred as Name in this document.
+    *Example: You can state on your website that My project X is based on GWT.*
+2.  It is ok to use Name as a part of your product name as long as:
+    - Name does not imply any status of being an official part of GWT or being endorsed by GWT.
+    *Example: You may not name your product "Official GWT XML Bindings.*
+    *Example: You should not name your product as "GWT Core", "GWT Framework" or "GWT Toolkit".*
+    - Your product, organization or event name is not GWT, GWT Web Toolkit, GWT Project or it is not
+      referred as GWT in short form.
+    *Example: If your product would be named "GWT Foundation Server" you should not refer to it as
+    "GWT" in your materials.*
+3.  You should not imply that your project, domain name, product, organization or event is official
+    part of GWT product or somehow endorsed by GWT project or GWT Steering Committee.
+    *Example: You may not use statements like "GWT Steering Committee recommends product X" or
+    "GWT2013 Conference is the official gathering of the GWT Project" in your materials.*
+4.  Only projects being controlled by GWT Steering Committee are allowed to use **org.gwtproject**
+    package name or maven groupid.
+    *Example: It is ok to use as a package name, but not
+5.  There is no preferential treatment for Name use by any of the organizations that are part of
+    the GWT Steering Committee.
+GWT Logo use
+1.  The official GWT logo (later GWT logo) is chosen by GWT Steering Committee.
+2.  You may reproduce the GWT logo in your materials in order to refer to GWT or the GWT Project
+    itself.
+    *Example: You may include GWT logo in a technology stack picture representing that your product
+    is built on top of or uses GWT.*
+3.  You may use GWT logo to endorse GWT or the GWT project.
+    *Example: You may print T-shirts, mugs and other merchandise with GWT logo.*
+4.  You may not use GWT logo in a way that would be considered as an endorsement to you, your
+    organization or project.
+    *Example: You should not list GWT Logo on your website in the list of customers or partners.*
+5.  You may not change the GWT logo or create a logo that would fail the "confusingly similar"
+    or "likelihood of confusion" tests.
+    *Example: You should not draw a GWT User Group X logo as a variation of the GWT logo by somehow
+    changing the colors or shape of the logo. However, you may create GWT User Group X logo by
+    adding a text "GWT User Group X" under the logo as showcased in the graphical guidelines below.*
+6.  When you use GWT logo, you must follow the graphical guidelines for logo use.
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 <p>Below is a set of books that have been published regarding GWT, including a short description of each.</p>
 <p>Please note that the books linked from this page are provided by third-parties and are not endorsed by Google. Please direct any questions about these resources to the appropriate contact listed below.</p>
-<p>Books are order by release date. You can also jump on <a href="#related">Related frameworks</a> books (GXT, Vaddin, etc.)</p>
+<p>Books are order by release date. You can also jump on <a href="#related">Related frameworks</a> books (GXT, Vaadin, etc.)</p>
 <table class="columns" style="clear: left;">
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 			<entry name="resources" displayName="Resources" description="Resources"></entry>
 			<entry name="steering" displayName="Steering Committee" description="The GWT Steering Committee"></entry>
 			<entry name="terms" displayName="Terms" description="Terms"></entry>
+            <entry name="GWTPolicy" displayName="GWT Name Use Policy" description="GWT Name Use Policy"></entry>
 			<entry name="usingeclipse" displayName="Using Eclipse" description="Using Eclipse"></entry>
 			<entry name="versions" displayName="Versions" description="Versions"></entry>
 			<entry name="whos_using_gwt" displayName="Who is using GWT?" description="Who is using GWT"></entry>
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   // Display the manual file in an iframe
-  new Frame(MyResources.INSTANCE.ownersManual().getURL());</pre>
+  new Frame(MyResources.INSTANCE.ownersManual().getSafeUri().asString());</pre>
 <h3 id="I18N">I18N</h3>
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 Note: The prefix "Cw" in showcase class names stands for "ContentWidget", the parent class of each Showcase example.</li>
   <li><b>Simplified examples</b> - The code examples displayed in-line throughout this documented are short, simplified examples, often pared-down versions of the real-world examples.</li>
   <li><b>Real-world examples</b> - Most of the cell widgets also have source code examples (.java files) at 
-    <a href="">cell widget code examples</a>.</li>
+    <a href="">cell widget code examples</a>.</li>
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       The GWT SDK contains the core libraries and compiler
       that you need to write web applications.
-      See the <a href="release-notes.html#Release_Notes_2_5_1">Release Notes for this latest version</a>.
+      See the <a href="release-notes.html#Release_Notes_2_6_0">Release Notes for this latest version</a>.
       <p style="font-size: 90%;">
       <b style="color: #444;">Note</b> - This download contains the standalone GWT SDK and tools only. If you're
@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@
     <td class="moreinfo" style="vertical-align:top;">
       <div class="g-button" style="margin-top: 1em; margin-left: 2em; width: 18em; padding: 10px;">
-          <a href="" style="font-size: 80%;">Download GWT SDK</a>
+          <a href="" style="font-size: 80%;">Download GWT SDK</a>
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-<div class="details">On Windows, extract the files from the compressed folder <code></code>.  On Mac or Linux, you can unpack the package with a command like:
-<pre class="code">unzip</pre></div>
+<div class="details">On Windows, extract the files from the compressed folder <code></code>.  On Mac or Linux, you can unpack the package with a command like:
+<pre class="code">unzip</pre></div>
 The GWT SDK doesn't have an installer application.  All the files you  need to
@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@
 <pre class="code">
-cd gwt-2.5.1
+cd gwt-2.6.0
 webAppCreator -out MyWebApp com.mycompany.mywebapp.MyWebApp
@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@
 <li><b>Mac or Linux</b> - you may need to make the script executable:
 <pre class="code">
-cd gwt-2.5.1
+cd gwt-2.6.0
 chmod u+x webAppCreator
@@ -216,5 +216,3 @@
 If you are going to stick with the command line, check out Speed Tracer	 and then
 head over to <a href="doc/latest/tutorial/gettingstarted.html">Build a Sample GWT App</a>.
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 The GWT Release Notes
+* <a href="#Release_Notes_2_6_0">2.6.0</a>
+* <a href="#Release_Notes_2_6_0_RC4">2.6.0 (RC4)</a>
+* <a href="#Release_Notes_2_6_0_RC3">2.6.0 (RC3)</a>
+* <a href="#Release_Notes_2_6_0_RC2">2.6.0 (RC2)</a>
 * <a href="#Release_Notes_2_6_0_RC1">2.6.0 (RC1)</a>
 * <a href="#Release_Notes_2_5_1">2.5.1</a>
 * <a href="#Release_Notes_2_5_1_RC1">2.5.1 (RC1)</a>
@@ -51,6 +55,34 @@
 <hr />
 <a name="Release_Notes_Current"></a>
+<h2 id="Release_Notes_2_6_0">Release Notes for 2.6.0</h2>
+	This release includes minor updates to silence unnecessary debugging warnings.
+	See the release notes for <a href="#Release_Notes_2_6_0_RC1">2.6.0 (RC1)</a>
+	for the full list of features and bugs fixes included in the GWT 2.6.0 release.
+<h2 id="Release_Notes_2_6_0_RC4">Release Notes for 2.6.0 (RC4)</h2>
+	This release enabled the Super Dev Mode hook by default, updated the sample
+	Maven POMs, included a Firefox memory leak fix for Dev Mode, and a few other
+	minor regressions noted during release candidate testing.
+<h2 id="Release_Notes_2_6_0_RC3">Release Notes for 2.6.0 (RC3)</h2>
+	This release fixed an incompatibility with the Google Plugin for Eclipse,
+	improved uncaught exception handling, and reverted some backwards-incompatible
+	changes made since GWT 2.5.1.
+<h2 id="Release_Notes_2_6_0_RC2">Release Notes for 2.6.0 (RC2)</h2>
+	This release disabled the Opera permutation, added a more maintainable
+	DOM event dispatch mechanism, and fixed a few GWT-RPC and IE11 issues
+	raised during release candidate testing.
 <h2 id="Release_Notes_2_6_0_RC1">Release Notes for 2.6.0 (RC1)</h2>
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 <div class="release">
-  <h3 class="version">Version 2.6.0 RC1</h3>
+  <h3 class="version">Version 2.6.0</h3>
-  <p>Build 2.6.0 (RC1) - November 16, 2013 - <a href="release-notes.html#Release_Notes_2_6_0_RC1">Release notes</a></p>
+  <p>Build 2.6.0 - Jan 23, 2014 - <a href="release-notes.html#Release_Notes_2_6_0">Release notes</a></p>
   <table class="downloads" style="width:500px">
@@ -14,9 +14,9 @@
       <td>Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux</td>
-      <td><a href=""></a></td>
-      <td>106 MB</td>
-      <td>4724a7ffeb7028814eedd45f90395f8af20f93fe</td>
+      <td><a href=""></a></td>
+      <td>103 MB</td>
+      <td>36d45c9dffbe59d15c6f6d04657438dc78e343c1</td>
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--- a/src/main/site/missing-plugin/index.html
+++ b/src/main/site/missing-plugin/index.html
@@ -139,7 +139,8 @@
   "firefox-old": {
-    "caption": "Sorry, the GWT Developer Plugin only supports Firefox 3.0 - 26.0 at present",
+    "caption": "Sorry, the GWT Developer Plugin only supports Firefox 3.0 - 26.0.<br>" +
+    " Perhaps download <a href=\"\">Firefox 24</a>?",
   "opera": {
@@ -277,11 +278,7 @@
 function makeButton(descr, plats, url) {
-  var supported = true;
-  if (!url) {
-    url = "";
-    supported = false;
-  }
+  var supported = !!url;
   function anchor(url) {
     var n = document.createElement('a');
@@ -315,14 +312,20 @@
     return n;
-  return anchor(url,
+  var button =
-        div(supported ? 'downloadIcon' : 'unsupportedIcon'))));
+        div(supported ? 'downloadIcon' : 'unsupportedIcon')));
+  if (url) {
+    return anchor(url, button);
+  } else {
+    return button;
+  }
 function showBest(x) {