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<title>Servlet Mappings, GWT Modules, and web.xml</title>
<p>GWT modules may declare one or more <code>&lt;servlet&gt;</code>
tags. These define Java Servlets that implement the server-side
component of a GWT-enabled web application.</p>
<p>Prior to GWT 1.6, these GWT module servlet tags controlled the set of
servlets were actually instantiated during hosted mode. But as of GWT 1.6, this
is no longer true. Instead, the web application's <code>WEB-INF/web.xml</code>
configuration file controls what servlets are instantiated. A GWT module
specifies only what servlets are <i>expected</i>.
<p>During hosted mode startup, the set of expected servlets (from GWT module
<code>&lt;servlet&gt;</code> tags) is validated against the set of actual
servlets (from the <code>WEB-INF/web.xml</code>) and a warning is issued for
each expected servlet which does not match an actual servlet.