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Steps to process CLDR data from command-line:
- You need at least java 1.7 installed in your system and ant
- First you have to get latest CLDR data available locally on your system
and compile it:
$ svn co <cldrdir>
- Third, you need to compile cldr tools
$ cd <cldrdir>/tools/java
$ ant clean jar
- Now you can run cldr-import tests:
$ cd GWT_ROOT/tools/cldr-import
$ ant clean test
- To generate files for certain locales in a tmp folder run:
$ CLDR_ROOT=<cldrdir> LOCALES=es,en CLDR_TEMP=/tmp/cldr ant gen.temp
Files will be created in /tmp/cldr-import
- To generate all locales in gwt folders run:
$ CLDR_ROOT=<cldrdir> ant gen