blob: 25bb9a5c6c2f34196f0adf6fdbfc3d2280ae6071 [file] [log] [blame] packages and deploys GWT to a local or remote Maven
To build GWT from trunk and deploy to your local repo:
> cd trunk
> ant clean dist-dev
> maven/
Follow the prompts to set the GWT version # and path to the
distribution ZIP (it will automatically find it in build/dist if
you've just built it). By default, the script deploys to your local
Maven repo.
To deploy to a remote repo:
Set GWT_MAVEN_REPO_URL and GWT_MAVEN_REPO_ID as noted in the
script. If the remote repo requires a username and password, define
the repo in your ~/.m2/settings.xml as below and set GWT_MAVEN_REPO_ID
= server id. In this example, GWT_MAVEN_REPO_ID would be "sonatype".
> cd trunk
> ant clean dist # must be dist, not dist-dev, to generate Javadocs
> maven/
If the remote repo requires jar signing as does Sonatype (Maven
Central), set up GPG on your local machine then enter the passphrase
when prompted. When deploying locally, you can enter a passphrase to
sign the jars for testing or press Enter to skip signing altogether.