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branch-info.txt for GWT 2.1M2 build.
Tracks interactions between this branch and other branches.
/branches/2.1M3/ was created (r8601) as a straight copy from /trunk/@r8598
r8599 Get rid of yellow background during cell selection
r8603 Snip a stray logging line
r8607 Add more tests to check that relationships are persisted correctly
r8608 Ignoring __gwt_ObjectId in AbstractRequest#processRelated
r8609 Snip stray debugging println.
commited as r8611
r8619 svn merge -r8618:8619 .
commited as r8620
r8600 svn merge -r8599:8600 .
commited as r8626
r8630, 8631, 8632, 8633 svn merge -r8629:8633 .
commited as r8634
r8613: Removed the expenses sample from samples