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<title>JSON Interoperability Example</title>
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<h1>JSON Interop Using JSNI</h1>
<div class="intro">
This example application demonstrates a simple approach to
interoperating with services that return their output in JSON format.
It uses GWT's JavaScript Native Interface (JSNI) to analyze a JSON
response and create Java-accessible objects. The JSON classes in this sample
are general-purpose and can be reused in other projects if you find
them useful.
When you click the "Search" button below, you can browse the cached
results of a Yahoo JSON image search for "potato." The response is
parsed into Java objects which are used to populate a tree view below.
<li>For more details on how the JSON response is parsed into a set
of Java objects, see the JSONParser class.
<li>This is the
<a href='json/search-results.js'>JSON</a> file used in this example.
<div id="search">
<table align="center" width="80%" style="margin-top: 1em">
<tr><th style="text-align: center; margin: 1em">JSON Response Tree View</th></tr>
<tr><td id="tree"></td></tr>