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Elemental is a "to the metal" raw programming API designed to keep up with fast changing
HTML5 browsers, reduce the need for JSNI code, and melt away to as little overhead as possible.
It is particularly suited for situations where direct low level access and small code are important
such as mobile devices.
Currently, Elemental is generated from the WebKit project's WebIDL binding definitions which are used also
by the Dart project. Because of this, vendor prefixed APIs also show up (webkit specific). These APIs are
often also available on Firefox and IE. A future version of Elemental will generate these as well, either
as Mozilla/IE vendor prefixed calls, or as standardized non-prefix calls backed by multibrowser shim.
To see Elemental and SuperDevMode in action, run 'ant dist-dev' to build gwt-dev and gwt-user jars. Then
cd to examples/silvercomet and run 'ant demo'
Visit http://localhost:9876/SilverComet/SilverComet.html and enjoy.