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# List of css properties
# If you add the word 'dim' on the end, then that means it's a dimension property
# and will get px, em, ex, etc accessors
# If you add the word 'int' on the end, then that means it has integral type
# Add the word 'enum' followed by a list of values to generate an enum
# as an inner class
border-style enum none hidden dotted dashed solid
border-width dim
bottom dim
cursor enum default auto crosshair pointer move e-resize ne-resize nw-resize n-resize se-resize sw-resize s-resize w-resize text wait help col-resize row-resize
display enum none block inline inline-block
font-size dim
font-style enum normal italic oblique
font-weight enum normal bold bolder lighter
height dim
left dim
list-style-type enum none disc circle square decimal lower-alpha upper-alpha lower-roman upper-roman
margin dim
margin-bottom dim
margin-left dim
margin-right dim
margin-top dim
opacity double
overflow enum visible hidden scroll auto
overflow-x enum visible hidden scroll auto
overflow-y enum visible hidden scroll auto
padding dim
padding-bottom dim
padding-left dim
padding-right dim
padding-top dim
position enum static relative absolute fixed
right dim
text-decoration enum none underline overline line-through
top dim
visibility enum visible hidden
white-space enum pre nowrap pre-wrap pre-line
width dim
z-index int