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# Copyright (c) 2012, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
# for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
# BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
"""This module provides shared functionality for systems to generate
Dart APIs from the IDL database."""
import re
import pdb
_pure_interfaces = set([
def IsPureInterface(interface_name):
return interface_name in _pure_interfaces
# Renames for attributes that have names that are not legal Dart names.
_dart_attribute_renames = {
'default': 'defaultValue',
'final': 'finalValue',
# Interface version of the DOM needs to delegate typed array constructors to a
# factory provider.
interface_factories = {
'Float32Array': '_TypedArrayFactoryProvider',
'Float64Array': '_TypedArrayFactoryProvider',
'Int8Array': '_TypedArrayFactoryProvider',
'Int16Array': '_TypedArrayFactoryProvider',
'Int32Array': '_TypedArrayFactoryProvider',
'Uint8Array': '_TypedArrayFactoryProvider',
'Uint16Array': '_TypedArrayFactoryProvider',
'Uint32Array': '_TypedArrayFactoryProvider',
'Uint8ClampedArray': '_TypedArrayFactoryProvider',
# Custom native specs for the Frog dom.
_frog_dom_custom_native_specs = {
# Decorate the singleton Console object, if present (workers do not have a
# console).
'Console': "=(typeof console == 'undefined' ? {} : console)",
# DOMWindow aliased with global scope.
'DOMWindow': '@*DOMWindow',
# Custom native bodies for frog implementations of dom operations that appear in
# dart:dom and dart:html. This is used to work-around the lack of a 'rename'
# feature in the 'native' string - the correct name is available on the DartName
# extended attribute. See Issue 1814
dom_frog_native_bodies = {
# Some JavaScript processors, especially tools like yuicompress and
# JSCompiler, choke on 'this.continue'
if (key == null) return this['continue']();
return this['continue'](key);
def IsPrimitiveType(type_name):
return isinstance(GetIDLTypeInfo(type_name), PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo)
def MaybeListElementTypeName(type_name):
"""Returns the List element type T from string of form "List<T>", or None."""
match = re.match(r'sequence<(\w*)>$', type_name)
if match:
return None
def MaybeListElementType(interface):
"""Returns the List element type T, or None in interface does not implement
for parent in interface.parents:
element_type = MaybeListElementTypeName(
if element_type:
return element_type
return None
def MaybeTypedArrayElementType(interface):
"""Returns the typed array element type, or None in interface is not a
# Typed arrays implement ArrayBufferView and List<T>.
for parent in interface.parents:
if == 'ArrayBufferView':
return MaybeListElementType(interface)
return None
def MakeNativeSpec(javascript_binding_name):
if javascript_binding_name in _frog_dom_custom_native_specs:
return _frog_dom_custom_native_specs[javascript_binding_name]
# Make the class 'hidden' so it is dynamically patched at runtime. This
# is useful not only for browser compat, but to allow code that links
# against dart:dom to load in a worker isolate.
return '*' + javascript_binding_name
def MatchSourceFilter(filter, thing):
if not filter:
return True
return any(token in thing.annotations for token in filter)
def DartType(idl_type_name):
return GetIDLTypeInfo(idl_type_name).dart_type()
def JsType(idl_type_name):
return GetIDLTypeInfo(idl_type_name).js_type()
class ParamInfo(object):
"""Holder for various information about a parameter of a Dart operation.
name: Name of parameter.
type_id: Original type id. None for merged types.
dart_type: DartType of parameter.
default_value: String holding the expression. None for mandatory parameter.
def __init__(self, name, type_id, dart_type, default_value, interface): = name
self.type_id = type_id
self.dart_type = dart_type
self.default_value = default_value
self.interface = interface
# Given a list of overloaded arguments, render a dart argument.
def _DartArg(args, interface):
# Given a list of overloaded arguments, choose a suitable name.
def OverloadedName(args):
return '_OR_'.join(sorted(set( for arg in args)))
# Given a list of overloaded arguments, choose a suitable type.
def OverloadedType(args):
type_ids = sorted(set( for arg in args))
dart_types = sorted(set(DartType( for arg in args))
if len(dart_types) == 1:
if len(type_ids) == 1:
return (type_ids[0], dart_types[0])
return (None, dart_types[0])
return (None, TypeName(type_ids, interface))
filtered = filter(None, args)
optional = any(not arg or arg.is_optional for arg in args)
(type_id, dart_type) = OverloadedType(filtered)
name = OverloadedName(filtered)
if optional:
return ParamInfo(name, type_id, dart_type, None, interface)
return ParamInfo(name, type_id, dart_type, None, interface)
def AnalyzeOperation(interface, operations):
"""Makes operation calling convention decision for a set of overloads.
Returns: An OperationInfo object.
# Zip together arguments from each overload by position, then convert
# to a dart argument.
args = map(lambda *args: _DartArg(args, interface),
*(op.arguments for op in operations))
info = OperationInfo()
info.interface = interface
info.overloads = operations
info.declared_name = operations[0].id = operations[0].ext_attrs.get('DartName', info.declared_name)
info.js_name = info.declared_name
info.type_name = DartType(operations[0] # TODO: widen.
info.param_infos = args
info.arguments = operations[0].arguments
return info
def AnalyzeConstructor(interface):
"""Returns an OperationInfo object for the constructor.
Returns None if the interface has no Constructor.
def GetArgs(func_value):
return map(lambda arg: _DartArg([arg], interface), func_value.arguments)
if 'Constructor' in interface.ext_attrs:
name = None
func_value = interface.ext_attrs.get('Constructor')
if func_value:
# [Constructor(param,...)]
args = GetArgs(func_value)
idl_args = func_value.arguments
else: # [Constructor]
args = []
idl_args = []
func_value = interface.ext_attrs.get('NamedConstructor')
if func_value:
name =
args = GetArgs(func_value)
idl_args = func_value.arguments
return None
info = OperationInfo()
info.overloads = None
info.idl_args = idl_args
info.declared_name = name = name
info.js_name = name
info.type_name =
info.param_infos = args
return info
def RecognizeCallback(interface):
"""Returns the info for the callback method if the interface smells like a
if 'Callback' not in interface.ext_attrs: return None
handlers = [op for op in interface.operations if == 'handleEvent']
if not handlers: return None
if not (handlers == interface.operations): return None
return AnalyzeOperation(interface, handlers)
def IsDartListType(type):
return type == 'List' or type.startswith('sequence<')
def IsDartCollectionType(type):
return IsDartListType(type)
def FindMatchingAttribute(interface, attr1):
matches = [attr2 for attr2 in interface.attributes
if ==
and attr1.is_fc_getter == attr2.is_fc_getter
and attr1.is_fc_setter == attr2.is_fc_setter]
if matches:
assert len(matches) == 1
return matches[0]
return None
def DartDomNameOfAttribute(attr):
"""Returns the Dart name for an IDLAttribute. is the 'native' or JavaScript name.
To ensure uniformity, work with the true IDL name until as late a possible,
e.g. translate to the Dart name when generating Dart code.
name =
name = _dart_attribute_renames.get(name, name)
name = attr.ext_attrs.get('DartName', None) or name
return name
def TypeOrNothing(dart_type, info):
"""Returns string for declaring something with |dart_type| in a context
where a type may be omitted.
The string is empty or has a trailing space.
# hack until over-loaded callback issue is fixed
if dart_type == 'Dynamic' or info is not None and info.interface == 'DatabaseCallback':
return 'Object '
return dart_type + ' '
def NameOrEntry(param, database):
"""Returns either the name of the param, or a $entry wrapper"""
if param.type_id.endswith('Callback') or param.type_id.endswith('Handler'):
argtype = database.GetInterface(param.type_id)
op = argtype.operations[0]
jsniArgs = []
for arg in op.arguments:
if database.HasInterface(
argface = database.GetInterface(
# HACK: this interface is overloaded, we should fix the IDL or detect overloaded callbacks automatically
if param.type_id == 'DatabaseCallback' and ( == 'Database' or == 'DatabaseSync'):
jsniArgs.append("Lelemental/%s/%s;" % (getModule(argface.annotations), DartType(
return "$entry(%s.@elemental.%s.%s::on%s(%s)).bind(%s)" % (, getModule(argtype.annotations),,, ''.join(jsniArgs),
def TypeOrVar(dart_type, comment=None):
return dart_type
def JsoTypeOrVar(dart_type, mixins):
if dart_type.endswith("Handler") or dart_type.endswith("Callback") or dart_type in mixins:
return dart_type
if dart_type[0].isupper() and not dart_type.startswith("Js") and not dart_type in java_lang:
return "Js" + dart_type
return dart_type
class OperationInfo(object):
"""Holder for various derived information from a set of overloaded operations.
overloads: A list of IDL operation overloads with the same name.
name: A string, the simple name of the operation.
type_name: A string, the name of the return type of the operation.
param_infos: A list of ParamInfo.
def ParametersInterfaceDeclaration(self):
"""Returns a formatted string declaring the parameters for the interface."""
return self._FormatParams(
self.param_infos, True,
lambda param: TypeOrNothing(param.dart_type, param))
def ParametersImplementationDeclaration(self, rename_type=None):
"""Returns a formatted string declaring the parameters for the
rename_type: A function that allows the types to be renamed.
The function is applied to the parameter's dart_type.
if rename_type:
def renamer(param_info):
return TypeOrNothing(rename_type(param_info.dart_type), param_info)
return self._FormatParams(self.param_infos, False, renamer)
def type_fn(param_info):
if param_info.dart_type == 'Dynamic':
if param_info.type_id:
# It is more informative to use a comment IDL type.
return 'Object'
return 'Object'
return param_info.dart_type
return self._FormatParams(
self.param_infos, False,
lambda param: TypeOrNothing(param.dart_type, param))
def ParametersAsArgumentList(self, database):
"""Returns a string of the parameter names suitable for passing the
parameters as arguments.
return ', '.join(map(lambda param_info: NameOrEntry(param_info, database), self.param_infos))
def _FormatParams(self, params, is_interface, type_fn):
def FormatParam(param):
"""Returns a parameter declaration fragment for an ParamInfo."""
type = type_fn(param)
if is_interface or param.default_value is None:
return '%s%s' % (type,
return '%s%s = %s' % (type,, param.default_value)
required = []
optional = []
for param_info in params:
if param_info.default_value:
if optional:
raise Exception('Optional parameters cannot precede required ones: '
+ str(args))
argtexts = map(FormatParam, required)
if optional:
argtexts.append(', '.join(map(FormatParam, optional)))
return ', '.join(argtexts)
def IsStatic(self):
is_static = self.overloads[0].is_static
assert any([is_static == o.is_static for o in self.overloads])
return is_static
def AttributeOutputOrder(a, b):
"""Canonical output ordering for attributes."""
# Getters before setters:
if < return -1
if > return 1
if a.is_fc_setter < b.is_fc_setter: return -1
if a.is_fc_setter > b.is_fc_setter: return 1
return 0
def ConstantOutputOrder(a, b):
"""Canonical output ordering for constants."""
if < return -1
if > return 1
return 0
def _FormatNameList(names):
"""Returns JavaScript array literal expression with one name per line."""
#names = sorted(names)
if len(names) <= 1:
expression_string = str(names) # e.g. ['length']
expression_string = ',\n '.join(str(names).split(','))
expression_string = expression_string.replace('[', '[\n ')
return expression_string
def IndentText(text, indent):
"""Format lines of text with indent."""
def FormatLine(line):
if line.strip():
return '%s%s\n' % (indent, line)
return '\n'
return ''.join(FormatLine(line) for line in text.split('\n'))
# Given a sorted sequence of type identifiers, return an appropriate type
# name
def TypeName(type_ids, interface):
# Dynamically type this field for now.
return 'Dynamic'
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
class IDLTypeInfo(object):
def __init__(self, idl_type, dart_type=None,
custom_to_dart=False, conversion_includes=[],
js_type = None):
self._idl_type = idl_type
self._dart_type = dart_type
self._native_type = native_type
self._custom_to_native = custom_to_native
self._custom_to_dart = custom_to_dart
self._conversion_includes = conversion_includes + [idl_type]
self._js_type = js_type
def idl_type(self):
return self._idl_type
def dart_type(self):
return self._dart_type or self._idl_type
def js_type(self):
return self._js_type or self._idl_type
def native_type(self):
return self._native_type or self._idl_type
def emit_to_native(self, emitter, idl_node, name, handle, interface_name):
if 'Callback' in idl_node.ext_attrs:
if 'RequiredCppParameter' in idl_node.ext_attrs:
flag = 'DartUtilities::ConvertNullToDefaultValue'
flag = 'DartUtilities::ConvertNone'
' RefPtr<$TYPE> $NAME = Dart$IDL_TYPE::create($HANDLE, $FLAG, exception);\n'
' if (exception)\n'
' goto fail;\n',
return name
argument = name
if self.custom_to_native():
type = 'RefPtr<%s>' % self.native_type()
argument = '%s.get()' % name
type = '%s*' % self.native_type()
if isinstance(self, SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo) and not interface_name.endswith('List'):
argument = '%s->propertyReference()' % name
' $TYPE $NAME = Dart$IDL_TYPE::toNative($HANDLE, exception);\n'
' if (exception)\n'
' goto fail;\n',
return argument
def custom_to_native(self):
return self._custom_to_native
def parameter_type(self):
return '%s*' % self.native_type()
def webcore_includes(self):
if self._idl_type in WTF_INCLUDES:
return ['<wtf/%s.h>' % self.native_type()]
if not self._idl_type.startswith('SVG'):
return ['"%s.h"' % self.native_type()]
if self._idl_type in ['SVGNumber', 'SVGPoint']:
return ['"SVGPropertyTearOff.h"']
if self._idl_type.startswith('SVGPathSeg'):
include = self._idl_type.replace('Abs', '').replace('Rel', '')
include = self._idl_type
return ['"%s.h"' % include] + _svg_supplemental_includes
def receiver(self):
return 'receiver->'
def conversion_includes(self):
return ['"Dart%s.h"' % include for include in self._conversion_includes]
def to_dart_conversion(self, value, interface_name=None, attributes=None):
return 'Dart%s::toDart(%s)' % (self._idl_type, value)
def custom_to_dart(self):
return self._custom_to_dart
class SequenceIDLTypeInfo(IDLTypeInfo):
def __init__(self, idl_type, item_info):
super(SequenceIDLTypeInfo, self).__init__(idl_type)
self._item_info = item_info
def dart_type(self):
etype = self._item_info.dart_type()
if etype == 'int':
return "IndexableInt"
elif etype == 'float' or etype == 'double':
return "IndexableNumber"
return "Indexable"
# TODO(cromwellian) fix when generic SingleJsoImpl JSOs are fixed
# return 'Indexable<%s>' % self._item_info.dart_type()
def to_dart_conversion(self, value, interface_name=None, attributes=None):
return 'DartDOMWrapper::vectorToDart<Dart%s>(%s)' % (self._item_info.native_type(), value)
def conversion_includes(self):
return self._item_info.conversion_includes()
class PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo(IDLTypeInfo):
def __init__(self, idl_type, dart_type, native_type=None,
super(PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo, self).__init__(idl_type, dart_type=dart_type,
self._webcore_getter_name = webcore_getter_name
self._webcore_setter_name = webcore_setter_name
def emit_to_native(self, emitter, idl_node, name, handle, interface_name):
arguments = [handle]
if idl_node.ext_attrs.get('Optional') == 'DefaultIsNullString' or 'RequiredCppParameter' in idl_node.ext_attrs:
' const ParameterAdapter<$TYPE> $NAME($ARGUMENTS);\n'
' if (!$NAME.conversionSuccessful()) {\n'
' exception = $NAME.exception();\n'
' goto fail;\n'
' }\n',
ARGUMENTS=', '.join(arguments))
return name
def parameter_type(self):
if self.native_type() == 'String':
return 'const String&'
return self.native_type()
def conversion_includes(self):
return []
def to_dart_conversion(self, value, interface_name=None, attributes=None):
conversion_arguments = [value]
if attributes and 'TreatReturnedNullStringAs' in attributes:
function_name = re.sub(r' [a-z]', lambda x:[1:].upper(), self.native_type())
function_name = function_name[0].lower() + function_name[1:]
function_name = 'DartUtilities::%sToDart' % function_name
return '%s(%s)' % (function_name, ', '.join(conversion_arguments))
def webcore_getter_name(self):
return self._webcore_getter_name
def webcore_setter_name(self):
return self._webcore_setter_name
class SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo(IDLTypeInfo):
def __init__(self, idl_type, native_type=''):
super(SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo, self).__init__(idl_type,
def native_type(self):
if self._native_type:
return self._native_type
tear_off_type = 'SVGPropertyTearOff'
if self._idl_type.endswith('List'):
tear_off_type = 'SVGListPropertyTearOff'
return '%s<%s>' % (tear_off_type, self._idl_type)
def receiver(self):
if self._idl_type.endswith('List'):
return 'receiver->'
return 'receiver->propertyReference().'
def to_dart_conversion(self, value, interface_name, attributes):
svg_primitive_types = ['SVGAngle', 'SVGLength', 'SVGMatrix',
'SVGNumber', 'SVGPoint', 'SVGRect', 'SVGTransform']
conversion_cast = '%s::create(%s)'
if interface_name.startswith('SVGAnimated'):
conversion_cast = 'static_cast<%s*>(%s)'
elif self.idl_type() == 'SVGStringList':
conversion_cast = '%s::create(receiver, %s)'
elif interface_name.endswith('List'):
conversion_cast = 'static_cast<%s*>(%s.get())'
elif self.idl_type() in svg_primitive_types:
conversion_cast = '%s::create(%s)'
conversion_cast = 'static_cast<%s*>(%s)'
conversion_cast = conversion_cast % (self.native_type(), value)
return 'Dart%s::toDart(%s)' % (self._idl_type, conversion_cast)
_idl_type_registry = {
'boolean': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('boolean', dart_type='boolean', native_type='bool',
'short': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('short', dart_type='short', native_type='short'),
'unsigned short': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('unsigned short', dart_type='int',
'int': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('int', dart_type='int'),
'unsigned int': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('unsigned int', dart_type='int',
'long': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('long', dart_type='int', native_type='int',
'unsigned long': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('unsigned long', dart_type='int',
'long long': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('long long', dart_type='double'),
'unsigned long long': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('unsigned long long', dart_type='double'),
'float': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('float', dart_type='float', native_type='double'),
'double': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('double', dart_type='double'),
'any': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('any', dart_type='Object'),
'any[]': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('any[]', dart_type='Indexable'),
'Array': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('Array', dart_type='Indexable'),
'custom': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('custom', dart_type='Object'),
'Date': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('Date', dart_type='Date', native_type='double'),
'DOMObject': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('DOMObject', dart_type='Object', native_type='ScriptValue'),
'DOMString': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('DOMString', dart_type='String', native_type='String'),
# TODO(vsm): This won't actually work until we convert the Map to
# a native JS Map for JS DOM.
'Dictionary': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('Dictionary', dart_type='Mappable'),
# TODO(sra): Flags is really a dictionary: {create:bool, exclusive:bool}
'Flags': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('Flags', dart_type='Object'),
'DOMTimeStamp': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('DOMTimeStamp', dart_type='double', native_type='unsigned long long'),
'object': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('object', dart_type='Object', native_type='ScriptValue'),
# TODO(sra): Come up with some meaningful name so that where this appears in
# the documentation, the user is made aware that only a limited subset of
# serializable types are actually permitted.
'SerializedScriptValue': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('SerializedScriptValue', dart_type='Object'),
# TODO(sra): Flags is really a dictionary: {create:bool, exclusive:bool}
'WebKitFlags': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('WebKitFlags', dart_type='Object'),
'sequence': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('sequence', dart_type='Indexable'),
'void': PrimitiveIDLTypeInfo('void', dart_type='void'),
'CSSRule': IDLTypeInfo('CSSRule', conversion_includes=['CSSImportRule']),
'DOMException': IDLTypeInfo('DOMException', native_type='DOMCoreException'),
# 'DOMStringList': IDLTypeInfo('DOMStringList', dart_type='Indexable<String>', custom_to_native=True),
'DOMStringList': IDLTypeInfo('DOMStringList', dart_type='Indexable', custom_to_native=True),
# 'DOMStringMap': IDLTypeInfo('DOMStringMap', dart_type='Mappable<String>'),
'DOMStringMap': IDLTypeInfo('DOMStringMap', dart_type='Mappable'),
'DOMWindow': IDLTypeInfo('DOMWindow', custom_to_dart=True),
'Element': IDLTypeInfo('Element', custom_to_dart=True),
'EventListener': IDLTypeInfo('EventListener', custom_to_native=True),
'EventTarget': IDLTypeInfo('EventTarget', custom_to_native=True),
'HTMLElement': IDLTypeInfo('HTMLElement', custom_to_dart=True),
'IDBAny': IDLTypeInfo('IDBAny', dart_type='Object', custom_to_native=True),
'IDBKey': IDLTypeInfo('IDBKey', dart_type='Object', custom_to_native=True),
'StyleSheet': IDLTypeInfo('StyleSheet', conversion_includes=['CSSStyleSheet']),
'SVGElement': IDLTypeInfo('SVGElement', custom_to_dart=True),
'SVGAngle': SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo('SVGAngle'),
'SVGLength': SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo('SVGLength'),
'SVGLengthList': SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo('SVGLengthList'),
'SVGMatrix': SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo('SVGMatrix'),
'SVGNumber': SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo('SVGNumber', native_type='SVGPropertyTearOff<float>'),
'SVGNumberList': SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo('SVGNumberList'),
'SVGPathSegList': SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo('SVGPathSegList', native_type='SVGPathSegListPropertyTearOff'),
'SVGPoint': SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo('SVGPoint', native_type='SVGPropertyTearOff<FloatPoint>'),
'SVGPointList': SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo('SVGPointList'),
'SVGPreserveAspectRatio': SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo('SVGPreserveAspectRatio'),
'SVGRect': SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo('SVGRect', native_type='SVGPropertyTearOff<FloatRect>'),
'SVGStringList': SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo('SVGStringList', native_type='SVGStaticListPropertyTearOff<SVGStringList>'),
'SVGTransform': SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo('SVGTransform'),
'SVGTransformList': SVGTearOffIDLTypeInfo('SVGTransformList', native_type='SVGTransformListPropertyTearOff'),
'PeerConnection00': IDLTypeInfo('PeerConnection00', js_type='webkitPeerConnection00'),
'AudioContext': IDLTypeInfo('AudioContext', js_type='webkitAudioContext'),
'AudioPannerNode': IDLTypeInfo('AudioPannerNode', js_type='webkitAudioPannerNode'),
'IDBCursor': IDLTypeInfo('IDBCursor', js_type='webkitIDBCursor'),
'IDBDatabase': IDLTypeInfo('IDBDatabase', js_type='webkitIDBDatabase'),
'IDBDatabaseFactory': IDLTypeInfo('IDBDatabaseRactory', js_type='webkitIDBDatabaseFactory'),
'IDBFactory': IDLTypeInfo('IDBFactory', js_type='webkitIDBFactory'),
'IDBIndex': IDLTypeInfo('IDBIndex', js_type='webkitIDBIndex'),
'IDBKeyRange': IDLTypeInfo('IDBKeyRange', js_type='webkitIDBKeyRange'),
'IDBObjectStore': IDLTypeInfo('IDBObjectStore', js_type='webkitIDBObjectStore'),
'IDBRequest': IDLTypeInfo('IDBRequest', js_type='webkitIDBRequest'),
'IDBTransaction': IDLTypeInfo('IDBTransaction', js_type='webkitIDBTransaction'),
'IndexedDB': IDLTypeInfo('IndexedDB', js_type='webkitIndexedDB'),
'Intent': IDLTypeInfo('Intent', js_type='webkitIntent'),
'MediaStream': IDLTypeInfo('MediaStream', js_type='webkitMediaStream'),
'URL': IDLTypeInfo('URL', js_type='webkitURL'),
'ShadowRoot': IDLTypeInfo('ShadowRoot', js_type='WebKitShadowRoot'),
'BlobBuilder': IDLTypeInfo('BlobBuilder', js_type='WebKitBlobBuilder'),
_svg_supplemental_includes = [
def GetIDLTypeInfo(idl_type_name):
match = re.match(r'sequence<(\w+)>$', idl_type_name)
if match:
return SequenceIDLTypeInfo(idl_type_name, GetIDLTypeInfo(
return _idl_type_registry.get(idl_type_name, IDLTypeInfo(idl_type_name))
def getModule(annotations):
htmlaliases = ['audio', 'webaudio', 'inspector', 'offline', 'p2p', 'window', 'websockets', 'threads', 'view', 'storage', 'fileapi']
module = "dom"
if 'WebKit' in annotations and 'module' in annotations['WebKit']:
module = annotations['WebKit']['module']
if module in htmlaliases:
return "html"
if module == 'core':
return 'dom'
return module
java_lang = ['Object', 'String', 'Exception', 'DOMTimeStamp', 'DOMString', 'Date']
primitives = {
'int' : 'I',
'short' : 'S',
'float' : 'F',
'double' : 'D',
'byte' : 'B',
'char' : 'C',
'long' : 'L',
'boolean' : 'Z',
'String' : 'Ljava/lang/String;',
'Object' : 'Ljava/lang/Object;'