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# Following code is generated from CLDR data by script. You can do
# emergency fix here, but you fix will be lost unless it is also
# fixed in CLDR. The data generation scripts exists outside GWT and
# will be run manually after each major CLDR updates. Each update
# will be manually checked before check in to make sure undesired
# changes in CLDR will not break existing applications as possible.
# File generated from CLDR ver. 25
eras = f.Kr., e.Kr.
eraNames = före Kristus, efter Kristus
narrowMonths = J, F, M, A, M, J, J, A, S, O, N, D
months = januari, februari, mars, april, maj, juni, juli, augusti, september, oktober, november, december
shortMonths = jan, feb, mar, apr, maj, jun, jul, aug, sep, okt, nov, dec
standaloneNarrowMonths = J, F, M, A, M, J, J, A, S, O, N, D
standaloneMonths = Januari, Februari, Mars, April, Maj, Juni, Juli, Augusti, September, Oktober, November, December
standaloneShortMonths = Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Maj, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Okt, Nov, Dec
weekdays = söndag, måndag, tisdag, onsdag, torsdag, fredag, lördag
shortWeekdays = sön, mån, tis, ons, tors, fre, lör
narrowWeekdays = S, M, T, O, T, F, L
standaloneWeekdays = Söndag, Måndag, Tisdag, Onsdag, Torsdag, Fredag, Lördag
standaloneShortWeekdays = Sön, Mån, Tis, Ons, Tor, Fre, Lör
standaloneNarrowWeekdays = S, M, T, O, T, F, L
shortQuarters = K1, K2, K3, K4
quarters = 1:a kvartalet, 2:a kvartalet, 3:e kvartalet, 4:e kvartalet
ampms = fm, em
dateFormats = EEEE'en' 'den' d:'e' MMMM y, d MMMM y, d MMM y, dd-MM-y
timeFormats = 'kl'. HH:mm:ss zzzz, HH:mm:ss z, HH:mm:ss, HH:mm
dateTimeFormats = {1} {0}, {1} {0}, {1} {0}, {1} {0}
firstDayOfTheWeek = 2
weekendRange = 7, 1