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/tags/1.4.59/ was created (r1341) as a straight copy from /trunk/@r1340
/releases/1.4/ was created (r1384) as a straight copy from /tags/1.4.59/
Changes in this branch:
- Release notes for post 1.4.59. (r1386)
- Updated Getting Started Guide screenshots to remove beta images. (r1387)
- Fixed benchmarks to record source code correctly. (r1388)
- Fixed benchmark viewer to tolerate null source code. (r1389)
- Removed html message from *.cache.html script frames. (r1390)
- GWTShellServlet's getResource() emulation now correctly finds resources on the servlet's module's public path. (r1391)
- Force HTTPRequestImpl to always send an empty string rather than a null. (r1393)